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By Lauren Strapagiel. Caption: Kisi ko madat karne ki feeling kuch aur hi hoti hai #thedesitokers with #teamnawab ❤️, Google Translated: The feeling of helping someone is something else. […], The  gold heart on Snapchat means you are best friends with that person, you both send the most snaps to each other and, well, are BFFs through and through. They’re perfectly in sync and nail the dance moves! Why We Like It: Combine Addison Rae and her cute mom and a song that shouts out to Addison Rae and that’s a great combo. To find out your own most-viewed TikTok videos of 2020, you'll need to use Retroplay's Highlight Reel. , What do people wanna see ‍♂️ #satisfying #skilledtrades #fyp #flooring #foryou #foryoupage #construction #fypシ #featureme #viral #stopgap #perfect, #thep00lguy #hollayaboy #asmr #fyp #swimmingpool #chemicals #greenscreen #greenpool, WHAT’S GOING ON!? We’ve added a new list to add top videos of 2020 as well! Hopefully we don't have to live through this ever again and 2021 will be a wonderful year ahead. Why We Like It: This is a weird one, basically this has an old school Jim Carrey vibe with the faces this guy is making. Add great ideas to the mix and that’s where the magic happens. Which is most viewed tiktok videos of Stokes Twins? Caption: Maa Maa hoti hai ❤️ Ft. @shaaimsilkwala @nagmaa #nawez #thedesitokers #byou, Google Translated: Water is water until it is. Despite […], You just woke up, in desperate need of some greasy food and you get the message “I like you, #amosc.” Now’s not the time you want to decode some message. How-To Apps is one of the fastest growing app websites in the world. This video is perfectly done, initially you think they are going to steal this guy’s wallet and then you realize they took it, added their own money to it and basically gave it back by acting like he dropped his wallet. Addison Rae doing the ‘WAP’ dance — 23.5M likes. They are half American and half Chinese and grew up in the United States. My guess is not long, there are a few other videos nipping at their heels! We love feedback :-) and want your input on how to make How-To Apps even better. This is so easy to watch a dozen times and be amazed at how much is in it. You can see the rest of the TikTok 100 here. David Dobrik video got to 17.9 millon likes . The Stokes Twins are brothers Alan and Alex who are best known for the short videos that they create on TikTok. You can see it’s not uncommon that some of these stars are regularly getting over 100 million views on their videos. | Embarrassing Questions Game | Best Friend Vs. Boyfriend/Girlfriend Challenge | Would You Rather Game | […], As with most creative platforms, TikTok rewards those that put in the necessary time and effort. From makeup tutorials to dance challenges, TikTok users have posted a range of videos to the app in 2020. The top one has over 20 million likes Tips We've been through many phases and obsessions this year, from the banana bread era, to the time everything was cake, but one thing that has become a real mainstay in 2020 (and presumably forever), is TikTok. Caption: “Every act of kindness is charity.” – Prophet Muhammad #ramadan. Any other ones we missed? Upon … We’ve scoured Tiktok to see what exactly are the most viewed and most liked videos. This means there’s a huge opportunity for brands to become larger players in the TikTok community. While he is clearly leading the pack with the most popular videos, he only ranks, 6 of the top 6 TikTok videos are from two Indian TikTok superstars. The yell by all three at the end has us rolling, the kids face, the girl spilling her drink, haha. Not sure that’s the look he was going for but it sure made the video popular. That's great to hear! These are the latest TikTok videos you’ll see on your FYP stream, check them out and let us know what you think. To find out your most viewed videos on TikTok follow the below instructions, Firstly insert your user name and hit the create button at bottom of your screen. How To Find Most Viewed, Liked TikTok Video in 2020. The translated caption is “Water is water until it is” which doesn’t make any sense to me and must be lost in translation. We’re big fans of when TikTok stars include their mom, dad, brother, sister, etc.! This TikTok will make you want Christmas to be every day of the … 1. Caption: Shaving prank gone wrong #trend #comedy #prank #fail. What Can Land Me in Facebook Jail? Or3o) – CG5, Why We Like It: If you look back to 2019 you’ll see that Gil Croes made the list of most liked videos. Shortly after Casey posted a photo of herself “hiking” in the Florida wilderness, her sister Carly called her out for […]. Top posts. She had 41.3 million followers when she was passed and was the first TikTok account to reach 40 million followers. Why We Like It: Another escalator dance, this time Michael gets more of his buddies involved. Caption: Do good & good will come to you #karma #thedesitokers #byou #edutok. Caption: They rejected my application to Hogwarts but I still found a way to be a wizard. The turn of events from thinking it was a malicious act to a kind and generous act had me fooled at first and at the end leaves you with a warm and fuzzy feeling. More from Distractify. Zach King – Harry Potter Magic Illusion (2.2 billion views) Zach King is nothing short of a TikTok titan. It has been a crazy year thanks to the rollercoaster ride TikTok put us on. On the app, you'll be able to find your 10 most-viewed videos. The following table lists the top 25 most-liked videos on TikTok as of December 1, 2020. Caption: How me and @gilmhercroes communicate #truestory #comedy / Follow my instagram: jaydencroes . Feel free to share it with your friends! Below is a table of the top 10 TikTok stars by followers. Four of those videos can then be turned into a short Highlight Reel with 5-second clips from each video. The TikTok account of Lisa and Lena would rank second with over 32.7 million followers but they. We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. The most popular TikTok videos by Awez all involve either an act of kindness or a strong message. Per usual, collabs do well as they combine audiences from two TikTok influencers. 5 Most Popular Videos On TikTok 2020. That goes to show, The TikTok account with the most likes across all of their videos is Loren Gray (. I'm probably responsible for five million of the 10 million views this video has. TikTok’s Rollercoaster. Alternatively, it may have said you landed on the “Nasty List” of […], Jump Ahead: What is Facebook Jail? There's nothing worse than a bug that can fly. Why We Like It: Take the cutest little puppy in the world and put a sweater on him and make him look sad. Cosmopolitan participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. #cristiano ronaldo, #stitch with @you_taste_purple #TimeWarpScan THIS IS THEE LAST TIME IM TIRED OF TRYING! Amongst the dozens of viral TikTok videos in 2020, a few stand out as the most liked posts the platform has ever produced. Happy New Year everyone. Pinterest. Kison Kee slipping with milk – 23.5 million likes. Caption: This is officially my favorite trend @javierr @justjonathan14. Why We Like It: No idea what they’re saying in this video and most of it is talking without a lot of action. Twitter. #4nonblondes #whatsup? Caption: It’s official: we are the … Art Animation Comedy Cool Commercials Cooking Entertainment How To Music & Dance News & Events People & Stories Pets & Animals Science & Tech Sports Travel & Outdoors Video Games Wheels & Wings Other 18+ Only Fashion Killer combo, pun intended , Caption: This is the best hiding spot ever #hideandseek #magic. He’s fantastic at this and the degree to which he can show purpose, vulnerability, and character in his videos the more people love him. These Are The Most Memorable TikTok Trends Of 2020. Caption: Sometimes change is good @jaydencroes, Song: Absolutely Anything (feat. Well 2020 something else, huh? Here are the most-watched videos on TikTok at time of writing – and remember, this might well have changed by the time you read this! When ‘Savage’ became a sensation. Michael Le (@justmaiko) – 24.3 Million Likes & 219 Million Views. From the celebrities, songs and trends, the TikTok 100 reveals all the viral hits of 2020. How long will these hold the top 10 positions? Usually it was humans who attempted to do the challenge, but when Zain the dog attempted the challenge, he absolutely nailed it — and ended up creating one of the most-liked TikToks. Lauren Strapagiel BuzzFeed News Reporter. Want to know more? BUT, […], So you got a DM or message that said you fell on the 2019 Instagram Worst Wall list. Selena Gomez has a video with 15.6 m likes. Sign up to our newsletter to get more articles delivered straight to your inbox. Now, TikTok has revealed the most popular videos … Turning into an animal TikTok fan account at this stage #fyp #animal #lion #lioness #foryoupage #safari, Quarantine life #foryoupage #fy #trickshot #fyp #youtube #fiance, Clay sculpture for Cristiano Ronaldo, do you guys think this is like him? This list contains the 25 most-liked videos posted to video-sharing social networking service TikTok. The user starts by pouring water in a glass. Categories. 0. You have to select any of the four videos from the collection of 10 videos. The social site … This flying cockroach TikTok played off a Vine trend … The most viewed content category on … Here is the process of how it should be done. We're sorry to hear that! Here it is #blindinglightschallenge #blindinglights #happyathome, Stuck at home with nothing to do? Now users will be able to relive all of that at the end of each year. Most Popular Funny TikTok Videos Asia. #illusion #magic #harrypotter” Advertisement. Simply amazing that they filled out the entire back yard of this house and it got to over the height of the roof! This is it, these videos hold the top spots as the most liked videos of all time on TikTok. Over the summer, one of the most popular TikTok dances involved a Taylor Swift remix, a moving camera and a lot of hip-thrusting. Stately home staff watched Bridgerton sex scenes, Best electric diffusers for a lovely smelling home, The Married At First Sight Australia couples now, A look at the Kardashian-Jenner's net worths, The cast of The School of Rock have a group chat, Priyanka's The White Tiger lands on Netflix today, How Devin reacted to Kendall's fire bikini picture, Cosmopolitan, Part of the Hearst UK Fashion & Beauty Network. Glass Half Full by Zach King – 964.7 million views. By. If so, it’ll take a while to grow back. The Best and Most Liked Videos on TikTok in … And They're in the Christmas Spirit. ♬ Invisible - from the Netflix Film Klaus - Zara Larsson, ♬ Music Sounds Better with You - NEIL FRANCES, ♬ Ain’t No Mountain High Enough - The Hit Party Band, ♬ Ski Sunday Theme (Pop Looks Bach) - TV Theme Tune Factory, ♬ Take A Bow - Football Commentary - Clive Tyldesley (Soccer Aid for Unicef), The most awkward celebrity moments of 2020, WATCH: Superman flexes his mighty muscles, Kylie and Kris Jenner's TikTok video is #GOALS. This lists accounts that once were the most followed account on TikTok, excluding the official TikTok account.. Before Charli D'Amelio was the most-followed TikTok individual, Loren Gray was the most-followed individual. The list under each one’s name is the number of views (in millions) their top videos have. Where are the Sabrina the Teenage Witch cast now? #SoccerAid #JoeWicks #BodyCoach #Ukcomedy #fyp #foryou #tiktokfootball, Jus some unwritten rules my mom makes me follow as a young black man #fyp #blacklivesmatter, Thanks @bellapoarch the real ‘’ is here now #Mtotheb #millieb #fyp, Thank You, NHS (ft Ariana Grande). We cover app technology, how-to guides, internet culture, and app news regularly. Same thing, kind of weird enough that we watch it a couple of times and the faces these guys make are pretty funny. Happy scrolling. As TikTok continues to explode in popularity, the most liked videos on the site have changed dramatically in just half a year. Below you will find the Most Viewed TikTok Video of StokesTwins. Why We Like It: No one has become more popular for her dance moves on TikTok than Carli and this is a perfect example. It will melt hearts and leave people wishing they could cuddle up with this good boy. As of November 2020, the most-liked video on the platform is a lip-syncing video by Bella Poarch set to the song "Soph Aspin Send" by British rapper Millie B. 00:59. Most viewed British TikTok videos: 2020 has been full of some great TikTok content, but TikTok has compiled the most viewed British ones. This needs to be updated there is a TikTok by Charl D’amilio which has 7.5M likes, No @bellapoarch has a video with 27 million likes and 303.9 million views, Yeah that’s right selena gomez have 15.5m i think so, I seen today one video on tiktok 7.8 m likes of @xzayx89, Charlie d’amelio has 9.9 likes on one of hers. Retroplay will now generate a result that will be comprised of your top 10 most viewed videos.

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